I am passionate about helping others live a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle.

♥ Are you looking for someone to talk to? 

♥ Who allows you to feel heard and tell your story?

♥ Is non-judgemental, empathetic and warm?

♥ Has your best interests at heart?

♥ Creates a safe and confidential space?

♥ Guides and supports you to overcome your challenges?

♥ Has a kind and gentle approach?

♥ Empowers you to reach your goals?

I offer in-house counselling services for children, teens and adults in the comfort of your home. My therapeutic approach is to remove the clinical feel of talk therapy and create a space where you can share your story. Talk therapy doesn’t have to be scary, it is a safe space where you can tell your story, be listened to and feel heard. A space where together, we can work on ways to overcome life challenges and work towards a more balanced, healthier and happier life.

To read more about my therapeutic approach and services please click here otherwise to make a booking please contact 0413 572 529 alternatively you can email me directly here.