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IMG_6098 copyAs I stopped and looked around, absorbed the moment I was standing in, I realised that we are living in a world where no one is taking in the moment, their surroundings and the amazing life we are living. I sat there and watched the people that surrounded me in the airport lounge, how different they were from each other but yet they were all the same and how silent it was besides the tapping of key boards, people shuffling in their seats or the noise of luggage bags being pulled across the floor. In that moment I realised we are becoming more and more like hunched over monkeys or even better robots. Not one person was having a conversation or being completely present instead they were arched over fixated to their phone, tablet or computer.

Up until only recently, I was one of these people or as my husband will probably say still am. The hunched over monkey type that would only look up for lets just say “food”. My husband would try and have a conversation with me after a long days work and even after he repeated himself when I didn’t hear the first time, I sometimes have had to pretend I heard the second time but really I didn’t.  I spent most of my “spare” hours on my phone scrolling the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and then complaining to my husband that I had no time left in a day to do the things I loved most, like exercise even if its walking my dog Brioche, read a book with a cup of tea, listen to some beautiful pieces of Mozart or Beethoven or even worse keep our beautiful home tidy. My phone became an important life accessory that you found constantly glued to my hand wherever I went even if that meant the toilet.

As I continued to walk through the airport lounge, I was even more annoyed that we really have become a society not interested in anything other than our phone screens. This really raised my awareness when one lady in particular was blocking my way as she dawdled in front of me with her head down reading something on her phone through her big black frames. She wasn’t watching where she was going and completely oblivious to everyone around her. I am not perfect and as I said I was and sometimes can still be one of these people, my husband even likes to call me a hypocrite when I try and tell him to get off his phone and be somewhat mindful. I never did say I was a saint. I just feel my awareness levels have been some what raised and maybe because I have been reading a lot of books and articles lately with a focus on being mindful. At the moment I am reading a book called Let the Elephants Run by David Usher his main focus in his book is for you to unlock your creativity and change everything. I read most of the book on the plane on Thursday and it has helped me become more aware of my own actions, my own thinking patterns and how society has become. It has opened up my mind to stop, think and look around and take absolutely everything in.

As of this week I have made a promise to myself to start being mindful and switching off from the things like my mobile and by that I mean going on a digital detox from all social media platforms from 5pm onwards. I will be using a computer for study purposes only. I will hit the gym straight from work at 5pm starting at three nights a week and the other two days I will get back into walking my dog of an evening. I will document in my journal, my moods, my thoughts and overall progress for two weeks and report back with an update.

So what will you commit to? What is something you will do for yourself to practice being mindful that doesn’t involve the likes of being connected digitally? Is it sitting back listening to music, going to that yoga class you have always wanted to try or even better a handstand in your back yard? As David Usher said in his book “Dream Big, Let the Elephants Run”!



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